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T h e  P h o t o g r a p h e r

Hello, I'm Yuhki

Hey, I’m Yuhki.
Thank you for coming to view some of my work!

I would be beyond thrilled to be able to capture a part of your life, work and or anything else perhaps.

I am a wedding/event/landscape/commercial based photographer in Perth Western Australia with my beautiful partner Fiona and our two cheeky monkeys; Nathaniel (B, 5yo) & Miku (G, 16months). Seriously, they’re adorable but beyond cheeky…

I love people. I love hearing about what makes people ‘tick’, why people do what they do for work and for their passion; what inspires you. 

It allows me to truly connect with these unique individuals to help with being able to capture the most authentic ‘feel’ in the work that they do.

I understand that as humans we thrive on emotion; all kind of emotion. It trumps everything.
After 8 years of doing this; I’ve grown to understand that my work is fuelled on it. And this ties in with my philosophy that having a stronger connection with all of my clients allows me to create a much better final product/s.

Outside of that I’m a very laid back guy that enjoys the simple things in life; chilled days at the beach, extra cheese on my nachos, travel, lacrosse, coffee, food, games, movies & tv shows, a cold beer…the list goes on.

So when we meet for a chat, also chat to me about any of those things listed above but share with me what YOU enjoy.

It’s all a part of this passion of mine to be able to create something that’s so special and unique to you; that to this day is one of the most tangible, yet timeless things one person can present another….photographs.

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