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Understanding The 'Why'

The 'WHY'

My name is Yuhki, a 'Multi-Genre' freelance photographer who strives to capture unique moments and scenes to showcase how I perceive the world we live in; I try to produce images where the viewer is able to see exactly what I see and perhaps even more. 
I like to be open minded and spontaneous which allows me to explore a diverse range of photographic genres. 

My approach centred on the client/photographer relationship. I strongly believe that it is essential to establish a strong, trusting and comfortable relationship between the photographer and the client; the images that come from our work together will reflect this relationship. In fact, one of the reasons that I strive to excel in ALL photographic genres is that it allows my clients to stick with one photographer for majority of their photographic needs.

Overall, I am a very flexible photographer who is very easy to work with and will always do what is necessary to meet my clients needs and expectations.


Tel: 0451 920 303

Email: yuhki333@gmail.com

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