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Social Media Content Packages
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Keeping an online presence has been crucial to the success of businesses; now more than ever with the effects COVID has had to everyone.

Not only that; but consistently posting regular, fresh and captivating content that is relative to YOUR business is just as hard. Whilst also maintaining a consistent visual representation of your brand in the right light. 

YM | PHOTOGRAPHY passively (in 2020) launched a social media content package, which works like a subscription. Almost.

Prioritising the relationships that are formed between the photographer and the client, we look at bringing down the cost of shoots necessary to create enough content for your business for a certain period of time based on your business' needs. 

Rather than paying per scheduled shoot/s; we look at conducting one or two shoots per month (or quartery period) to create enough content for said period for social media posts.

The true value I feel with these packages is that I get to form a bond with local-likeminded business owners; meaning we already understand 
what's involved in running a business. 
This package/s allows both your business and mine to grow, whilst also both parties being a witness to the direction of the business and through open communication make swift changes in how we conduct each shoot in accordance to your business' needs in the moment. Whilst also having the prior knowledge of business journey beforehand. 

Relationships are something I truly value, I understand that a lot of business owners would have put in their blood, sweat and tears in it; I simply want to do that justice and present photographs for you which depict this passion and drive.


Package Options

How it works

Month to Month
(min. 6 months)

•1 (at most 2) shoots per month to create a months worth of content.*

•Capped to 65 frames

•Photographs to be delivered via online gallery and/or dropbox link

from $525

Quarterly Based
(3-4month periods)

•Up to 2-3 shoots for this period (unless otherwise necessary to shoot more)*

•No capped limit on frames

Photographs to be delivered via online gallery and/or dropbox link

from $1225

*Please note that a 'months worth of content' will vary based on each business and their type of content needed.
There is no particular set number of frames that can be guaranteed for each shoot. (Capped to 65 frames for the month-to-month period.

Coffee Meeting

Here, we get a chance to put a face to the name, get to know each other and see whether or not our values align in working together.

We talk about the "WHY" behind your business, and share ideas and thoughts and envision the steps going forward and gain a mutual understandings of each others needs. 

Maintain communication until shoot day and beyond

As mentioned earlier; I like to prioritise the relationship with all of my clients, which means open dialogue and frequent communication is key into developing the relationship. These regular updates and conversations allow both parties to keep up to date with how the business is going as well as knowing when certain products are coming in or when shoot dates/times might change.

Above all, the regular communication contributes to a more positive partnership.

Shoot Day

By now, we would have discussed all the necessary details behind the intention of the shoot, what needs to be photographed and the significance of each product/service/etc is to the business. 

We meet at the agreed location/s and have fun shooting. I'll buy the coffee :-)

>>Photographs tol be delivered within 48hours

Click above to enquire and let's have a coffee :-)

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