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Jan Classen

My roots are in the Prairies of Saskatchewan. I moved to Vancouver one month after I turned 18. I had never visited the city before, and felt an overwhelming pull towards the West Coast. I spent the first few years studying Fashion Design and learning about the city and who I wanted to be in it. In 2011, my family uprooted from Saskatoon and started fresh on Vancouver Island. I realized then, that Vancouver is home to me; a beautifully comforting place surrounded by mountains, water and people I love.
I spend my 9-5 creating and developing women’s apparel at lululemon. Outside of the office, I teach early morning classes at Pure Barre Kitsilano (@purebarrevancouver), and this is usually where my best self shows up. I am humbled by the dedication shown of my regular clients and feel honored to be a part of someone’s health and wellness journey, at any stage.
When I feel unfocused or doubt creeps in, I silently retreat and count my blessings. I strive to always choose love over fear, and practice kindness free from expectations.


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