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Melissa Offner

After working in television in Toronto as a host and producer for 7 years, last year I made the move to freelance life and out west, looking for more work and play balance. I started my own website called MELSAYS.COM a few years ago and decided to pursue that full-time in addition to teaching fitness. I've loved every minute since moving to Vancouver. I'm all about moving, adventuring and trying out as many things as possible, so this past year has been such a wonderful learning experience for me. It's been such a thrill producing content for my website as well as launching my own podcast. Furthermore, I've been teaching fitness at The Distrikt and also recently launched a run club with them. Things I love most in life are travel, running, surfing and getting up to all sorts of challenging adventures. My motto is: do everything, regret nothing! Values that are important to me are honesty and staying true to your word. I think what makes me uniquely me is my life journey thus far. I think everyone's life journey and the things they have gone through and learned make them who they are today. 




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