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Mischa Harris

I moved from Victoria to Vancouver to go to UBC for my undergrad in Kinesiology in 2004, and I fell in love with the diverse offerings of the city. The thing I like the most is that Vancouver can be whatever you want it to be when you create your life deliberately - every opportunity is available, and you can have a day completely removed from the city, in the most beautiful forests on the planet, and then have all the conveniences of city life just a few minutes away. 


As a kinesiologist and health coach, I get to see such a wide variety of people in Vancouver, and everyone has an above average health-IQ and is really interested in feeling better on the whole - which makes my job easy and fun. The city has challenges like anywhere in the world - but there is a lot of good to be found when you search it out.


When I’m not at work, I like to practice what I preach - living a life connected to joy and meaning, and constantly striving to know myself better so that I can show up in the world in line with the person I want to be. I think this helps the work I do because I’m not helping people achieve something like reducing pain or gaining energy purely theoretically - I’m helping them navigate the process I’ve been through myself. 


Here is the link to my page at M108: 

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