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Neil Webb

Where I'm from and why I am in Vancouver:

I'm from Calgary originally. I moved to Vancouver just over four years ago to pursue a career in acting. Vancouver's an exciting place. It feels alive, like things are always happening. It's a creatively stimulating place for me to live. There's always a great deal of projects filming here, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on opportunities to advance my acting career, and there's a very good stand up comedy scene. Both are at a level that are advanced enough to have consequence but not so big that they're not accessible to someone like me whose resume in both fields isn't as large as it would need to be in order to succeed in the largest markets like LA or New York (run on a better writer please:). I also work as an educator at lululemon. Which is an integral part of my life. You're surrounded by motivated people who are very supportive, and lead healthy lives. Comedy and acting aren't, in themselves, unhealthy endeavours, but if you're not careful, some unhealthy habits can accompany them. So I'm very grateful to have my lulu crew. It's an ever changing collection of people but all have affected my life positively. Getting to talk to people everyday, getting to know strangers, hearing their stories, sometimes just snippets, sometimes more, is an important part of my life. I tend towards a more solitary lifestyle if left unchecked, so constantly putting myself in a place where I'm forced to be social and out in the world is very key for me. Vancouver provides inspiration across the board for a life where it's all material, might as well live in a place that serves up material in extreme abundance. I will always be affected by Calgary but I feel at home in Vancouver at this point in my life...the two cities are very different, but I'm grateful to be very affected by both. It's like having parents with vastly different styles, and Calgary would be the more - hardass, take no shit - type of parent... so it's nice to have Calgary's voice in my head sometimes giving me a hard time and keeping me in line, and making sure I'm pragmatic and I'm hustling, and Vancouver's the emotionally caring, supportive parent. Between the two, I feel very empowered:)


Values my enlightened self tells my non enlightened self to live by:


It's all material. No matter what comes at you: it's either going to be good, or it's going to be a good story, and if you're lucky...sometimes it's both...but either way it's all material.

Material for what? Comedy, acting, writing, film ideas, or just something to talk about that rises above the level of the mundane. Wherever you're going, whatever your goals you achieve, wherever you get to, take it in for a second, look back see where you've come from, but then get moving again, because you're not done, you're never done, you've never made it, be cool with that. Evolve or die. If you're not becoming more interesting. Fuck you. Haha. Just kidding. But seriously.


 (Side note: Logically I know my biggest fear isn't true, but I nonetheless use it to my advantage because my lizard brain never stops believing in this one fact...and that is: that you can't be loved unless you add value to people, places, situations. Unconditional love exists, but not really. I know it's not true, but I feel it, so it's built in motivation to keep expanding and trying to live a more interesting life, which is, for me, just continuous effort to put yourself in situations where good stories will arise.)


Oh, and then spend your life learning how to tell those stories in the most interesting, entertaining, funny, dramatic, most affecting way possible.



Who I am and what I'm trying to do with my life in a nutshell:


I'm trying to cram the best parts of everyone's life into mine to get to have a huge breadth of experience. I want to experience the highlight reel of the best things life has to offer. I figured that's what actors, performers, writers, comedians, and filmmakers do. So that's what I've spent my life aspiring to be. I've considered how best I can serve the world, and I'm confident that I'll get traction on at least one of those endeavours; and if I'm lucky a couple. After considering my strengths I figured any of those would be fulfilling for me, and also beneficial to others. I can get 80% good at something quickly, I'm observant, i can mimic well, I self-aware (probably to a fault), I'm overly emotionally available, and I have an irrational unfillable need for the love and affection of strangers. This is a recipe for using myself as an instrument in, a vessel for, or as the creator of great impactful stories that I feel will affect other people in the way that great creative works have affected me. This is my assessment of my life, and my mission. 

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