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Vancouver, B.C.
Click on each image to enlarge and see in full. 

Vancouver 6299
Gastown 3571
Gastown 8946
Coal Harbor 9204
Burrard Bridge 5944
Revolver 8985
Burrard Bridge 1612
Gastown 8941
NW Camera3663
Water St 3618
Yaletown 6315
Lighthouse Park 4974
Cornwall Ave 4640-2
Lighthouse Park 5040
Burrard Bridge 1521
Gastown Steam Clock 3548


British Columbia

Back in late 2015, I had decided to finally scratch the itch of wanting to apply for a work visa somewhere to live before "time runs out". 

I made the decision to do so by throwing a dart at a world map in my friends home and the dart had landed in Northern parts of British Columbia. At this point I had never heard of B.C. 
Looking closely at the map I noticed it was a part of Canada, and that Vancouver was in it-I had heard good things, and so I google searched "Canadian Work Visa". I applied. Got it. And moved there in May 2016. - The rest is history. I am still here. 

Here is a constantly growing selection of frames I have accumulated over my time here in Vancouver. 

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