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Understanding Your Business and why you do it

I am a sole believer in that understanding your business plays a vital role in being able to even begin to successfully capture the essence of what you do.

But I also feel strongly that having an understanding of ‘WHY’ you do what you do plays an even bigger role in understanding your business and photographing it in the best light possible.

I love the depth behind why people have started a particular company, business or passion. I love understanding that most of you have challenged the status quo in order to co-exist with others in the industry you have chosen to endeavour in.

This knowledge of your ‘WHY’, I feel; allows me to truly gain a deeper insight into your values as a business owner/creative/entrepreneur , work together with mutual respect which allows me to delicately immerse myself into the business, company or space that you have whole-heartedly created to capture and create photographs which I hope will continue to give you a sense of pride in your field of work/passion. 

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